jurien bay fishing

Jurien Bay Fishing

The Jurien Bay jetty has been known to be packed by local professional fishermen, as well as visiting amateurs. Armed with fresh bait from the local Jurien Bay bait shop, all kinds of people are catching all kinds of fish.

Local fisherman have been seen lately catching Mackerel, Taylor, Yellow Tail, Herring, Sambo, Flat Head and lots of squid, with even the occasional shark being caught, right off the famous concrete jetty!

Local pros are using normal type fishing rigs, mostly consisting of snook, live yellow tail for bait and mullies to roughen up the top of the ocean.

Take a look at this video to see what kind of fishing you can get away with in Jurien Bay. It’s pretty awesome.


The Jurien Bay Jetty is quite new. It had to be completely rebuilt after a massive storm in May 2003 caused extensive damage. The old jetty was owned by a commercial fishing company, who were no longer operating. So, after 500 locals kicked up a fuss, the state government decided to build a new, awesome jetty made out of concrete.

Next time you’re fishing off that amazing jetty, you should thank the storm from 2003, the state government, and the 500 locals who rallied to get a new jetty built. Fishing in Jurien Bay wouldn’t be the same without it!