jurien bay sea lions seals boat tripsThe Jurien Bay Marine Park is situated between 200 to 300 kms north of Perth and perfect for Boat Trips.

It stretches south from Green Head towards the southern boundary of Nambung National Park (Wedge Island) and includes most of the islands situated in this area. You are able to witness natural beauty and abundance of marine existence without over population.

With excellent fishing, diving, snorkelling and swimming, Jurien Bay Marine Park is a well-liked spot for anybody who loves the ocean and water activities.

This is the place to find large colonies of rare Australian Sea Lions! Jurien Bay Marine Park also harbours seabirds, western rock lobsters and a large varying variety of exotic fish.

On boat trips in the right time of year, you will often catch sea lions, but you are also likely to see whales moving across the coast or dolphins playing just offshore. You can book a sea lion watching cruise and you’ll find these elegant swimmers love to demonstrate their grace while watching your camera.

 The Jurien Bay Sea Lion may be the world’s rarest species. It’s thought you will find under 12,000 remaining across Australia‘s southern shoreline. Certainly one of their primary breeding grounds lies offshore from Jurien Bay, making Jurien Bay one of THE best places in the world to catch them in the wild.

100’s of sea lions survive by living on the isolated Buller and North Fisherman islands in addition to Essex Rocks, merely a couple of kms from the Jurien Bay coastline. These islands are classified as haul-out sites where sea lions partake in relaxation from food hunting.

Australian sea lions are too cute. Their little ears and enormous eyes frequently have people suggesting they are like Labradors of the sea!

Snorkelling and diving in this region is high quality and diving charters can be booked from the centre of town in Jurien Bay.

A little portion of the park is really a sanctuary but fishing, swimming and diving are permitted in a lot of the marine park area.

The city of Jurien Bay has a modern boat harbour, an amazingly-long jetty (perfect for fishing) and supports a massive Cray fishing industry.

Boat tours can be found from Jurien Bay. You could also place whales or whales moving across the coast. You will find sea lion watching recommendations to follow along with including maintaining a great distance, not landing with an island occupied by ocean lions, rather than attempting to touch them.

In 2013, the Department of Parks and Wildlife insisted that no fishing charter in Jurien Bay was allowed to take people out to swim with the Sea Lions. So, although you can’t swim with them, there are a few companies who may still take you out for a look.

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