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Q: What’s the purpose of this forum?
A: We maintain this forum to help travellers touring Jurien Bay to feel less lonely. After reading the experiences of others it will be easier for first-time visitors to make sensible decisions about which hotels to visit, which bars to stay away from, where to stay, what to see and do, where to eat, where and how to do their shopping, where to skydive, how to get around, and to be aware of the various “do’s” and “don’ts” while travelling through Jurien Bay.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask, or what information should I post?
A: Feel free to ask any kind of question and share any experience you might have had – as long as the message relates to “Jurien Bay Holidays” or “Jurien Bay Accommodation”. All messages others can benefit from are welcome – including warnings and recommendations.

Q: Can I use this forum to advertise or promote a shop, restaurant, hotel, or any products?
A: No, you cannot. This forum is not commercial and should only be used for messages and information related to travelling in Jurien Bay. If you want to advertise your shop, restaurant, hotel or any products you should visit our advertising section.

Q: Can I use this forum to promote, announce, or publicize my photo-page? It contains nice travel photos and I want to show them to my friends.
A: No, you cannot. Please use e-mail, sms, social media, or any other means to inform your friends about your photo page. That being said, if you are a heavy blogger and take good photographs, please send us an email about your interest in writing articles for JurienBay.com.au

Q: Hey, but my homepage is non-commercial!
A: If you provide straight-forward information about Jurien Bay on your home page which relates to a specific question posted on the forum, and your home page is really non-commercial, you may give your URL. Please do not use the “Jurien Bay Forums” to promote your homepage by posting your URL over and over again. That’s just plain annoying.

Q: I registered, but didn’t get my activation code!
A: Hotmail users:
Hotmail classifies all emails coming from unknown domains like Aussie On Tour (JurienBay.com.au’s master site) as spam. How wrong they are, right?! Therefore activation codes end up in the trash automatically. If you are using Hotmail, it may be time to get a real email address, otherwise please check your trash for your activation code before asking for assistance.

Q: I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve it!
A: Send us an email.

Q: I found something interesting about Jurien Bay on a different website. Can I just copy it and post it on the Jurien Bay Forums?
A: You need the permission of the copyright holder to copy anything from the web. You may be requested to put the source of the copied material into your post. Common decency demands this anyway… If you break copyright laws, we may restrict your access to “read only”, and we may give your user details to the copyright holder on demand.

Q: I would like to organize a meeting or function. Can I use the forum to do this?
A: If it’s about organising a bunch of people you met on these forums to meet up somewhere in Jurien Bay, yes, that’s an awesome idea. Just make sure you make the first meet-up in a public area or place until you get to know the people.

Q: I like to post under various aliases. Can I have more than one user name?
A: No. One person should only have one user name. Multiple aliases will be deleted.

Q: Which language shall I use to post messages?
A: The official language on this forum is English. English is the Australian language. To avoid chaos and misunderstanding on the forum, we don’t allow other languages here.

Q: But I’m not a native English speaker. It would be much easier for me to post in my own language.
A: Please don’t. If you understand enough English to read the messages on the forum, you are able to post in English, too. Don’t be shy, as long as other participants can understand what you’re trying to say, nobody will mind your grammar or your spelling.

Q: Is this forum moderated or censored?
A: No, it is not. We remove only duplicates, advertisements, and offensive or outright moronic messages.

Q: I get an error message when posting a certain word or name!
A: The use of certain words (mostly expletives) and names (mostly known advertisers) is prohibited. When you use such a word, you will get an error message and can correct your post. Any attempt to sneak past this filter may result in the immediate withdrawal of your writing privileges.

Q: Do the owners of the “Jurien Bay Forums” support the opinions expressed on the forum?
A: No, of course not. As the forum is not moderated we don’t verify or support any opinions expressed by participants.

Q: I have a technical question concerning this forum. Shall I post this question here?
A: No, please don’t. Instead send us an email.

Q: How do I get the e-mail address of a participant?
A: Please don’t. We do not allow email addresses to be posted on the forum.

Q: When I try to post a message I get a message back saying that I am not allowed to post to the forum. Why is this?
A: Basically there are only three reasons that prevent you from posting to the forum.
You use a word or words that are considered unsuitable for this forum.
You use a word or words often used by spammers or advertisers.
You are an unregistered user trying to post a message using a banned ISP.

Our Legal Obligation Regarding This Forum:

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