Jurien Bay Skydiving

Although we are not affiliated with skydivejurienbay.com – we can tell you what we’ve heard about this fantastic adrenaline-fueled company.

In 2012 and 2013, Skydive Jurien bay were awarded Gold status in the WA Tourism Awards. In 2014 they were awarded Silver. They have won awards for their skydiving service to the tourism industry of Western Australia for the last 5 years. This alone, should tell you that you’re in safe hands. Well, as safe as hands as you can be in, when you’re jumping out of a moving plane, thousands of feet in the air!

jurien bay skydiving
It’s not only the local Perthites who are taking the plunge! Tourists who visit Perth for only 2 weeks are getting their priorities in order. As a tourist to Perth, of course you have to visit Kings Park and overlook the city. You have to visit Cottesloe and Scarborough Beach. You have to rent a car and drive down south to Margaret River and Dunsborough. Now, you also have to visit the Pinnacles and skydive in Jurien Bay!

People who take part in Jurien Bay Skydiving often say that the company is very professional and thorough. They mention how crazy, terrifying, yet exhilarating it is to jump out of plane at 15000 feet. They always mention the instructors and pilots make them feel safe and reassured. The thrill of feeling their parachute open and the experience they digest as they float down to the earth, as light as a very heavy feather. Their heartbeats don’t return to normal for up to an hour after they’ve safely landed.

If you’re looking for something exciting to do in Perth, Western Australia, skydiving in Jurien Bay will give you an experience you will never forget!