jurien bay weather

Jurien Bay Weather

For most of us, there is evidence that we tend to change our moods and feelings with the weather.  Some of us will remain very active in certain weather conditions while we become dormant in other weather condition. The main mechanism which defines how weather affects our moods and feeling can be explained by the role of hormones like serotonin which is associated with depression and other hormones. It is believed that these hormones are affected by the changes in the weather condition.

Scientists have proved the existence of Season Affective Disorder in which the mood of an individual change with the weather condition. However, this disorder is affected by the changes in winter and summer season which comes with changes in weather condition.

People often remark that when they experience cold weather, they tend to be cold in their personality too. On the other hand, with hot seasons people tend to feel happier and more outgoing.

What better way to spend an Australian beach holiday than staying in beach-side accommodation and enjoying the sun-soaked Jurien Bay weather, just a few hours outside Perth, Western Australia? The weather in Jurien Bay and the perfect white-sanded beaches can only positively charge your hormones.